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Our revolutionary line of Electrostatic Precipitation air pollution reduction products is poised to make a significant impact on the quality of the air we breathe. In today’s increasingly polluted environment, it is crucial to act and safeguard our well-being. Did you know that air pollution is a leading cause of various health issues, including respiratory problems, allergies, and even cardiovascular diseases? According to recent studies, outdoor air pollution alone contributes to millions of premature deaths worldwide each year. Indoor air quality is no exception, with pollutants such as dust, allergens, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained within them, lurking in our living and working spaces.

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To combat these alarming statistics, our products stand at the forefront of the fight against air pollution. At the heart of our range lies the ESP AirLux, a compact yet powerful unit that punches well above its weight. Engineered with cutting-edge electrostatic precipitation technology, the ESP AirLux swiftly and effectively captures harmful particles, bacteria, and allergens from the air, delivering fresh and purified air to your immediate surroundings. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, it is the perfect companion for small spaces like offices, classrooms, and living areas. Breathe freely, knowing that the ESP AirLux has your back.

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For larger environments that demand uncompromising air purification, we proudly present the ESP AirLux XL. With an enhanced capacity and superior filtration system, this exceptional unit is designed to purify the air in expansive spaces such as warehouses, large living areas, and even outdoor locations. Its advanced technology ensures that no matter how challenging the environment, the ESP AirLux XL stands strong in its mission to provide you with the cleanest air possible. Take a deep breath and experience the difference it makes.

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We understand the importance of seamless integration and aesthetics. Enter the ESP Halo, a discreet ceiling vent installation that blends effortlessly into any room, purifying the air from above you just like a halo. This hidden gem not only complements your interior design but also acts as a powerful air purification system. Utilising the same cutting-edge technology found in our other products, the ESP Halo ensures that your entire space is purified without compromising on style. Enjoy purified air in every corner of your room, without compromising its visual appeal.

What’s Next?

In the battle against air pollution, knowledge and action go hand in hand. Alongside our remarkable products, we strive to empower individuals and communities to stay on track to fight and ultimately purify our air. We believe that awareness and education are key. By understanding the detrimental effects of air pollution and implementing proactive measures, we can make a collective difference. From reducing emissions to practising eco-friendly habits, every step counts. By choosing our products, you are actively taking part in the fight against air pollution. The ESP AirLux, AirLux XL, and Halo models play a significant role in combating pollution in their respective areas. Our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of efficiency and performance. With up to 99.9% reduction in particulate matter, you can trust that our products deliver exceptional results.
Join us on this transformative journey to a cleaner and healthier future. Together, we can purify our air, safeguard our well-being, and pave the way for generations to come. Experience the transformative power of our cutting-edge technology and embrace a breath of fresh air like never before. Your health and the health of our planet deserve nothing less.

Innovative ideas plus research and development have led us to where we are today. That said, we are continually looking to develop new products to combat both outdoor and indoor air pollution

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