We can adapt our technology for a multitude of purposes, sizing up and sizing down, fitting and retrofitting; the possibilities are limitless.

Journey to a Cleaner Future

Using the incredible technology at Elexure, we will be able to use electrostatic precipitation to cleanse the molecules in the air and clean our oxygen; defending the planet against pollution, and saving our people.

Pushing Boundaries

Housing|Development in Highly Polluted Areas

Planning and development of housing is experiencing complications due to the air quality levels. This means that building is not being allowed until air quality can be improved or a system is put into place to ensure levels are acceptable within the building. Our ESP can be used to reduce the particles in an airstream travelling inside the building by increasing the pressure slightly within the building, stopping/reducing contaminated air entering through unintended pathways. With this, a carbon filter can be used to reduce the Nitrogen Oxides within the building, too. This application will allow extension into homes, offices, hotels and anywhere that wants/needs improved air quality.

Open Areas


There is the potential for installing larger ESPs in areas such as road junctions that have been identified as highly polluted due to built-up areas stopping the natural free-movement of air and the lorry/cars stopping, idling and restarting.

PPE Washing

PPE has the potential to be reused with our ESP technology. Using electric fields, Ozone (O3) and Ultra Violet (UV), our machine can strip down the potent particles from bacteria, attack the particulates with ions, and destroy the infected areas. Using an electric field and O3 to strip down the potent particles from bacteria and viruses attached to solid items such as visors, attacking the particulates with ions and eventually destroying the threat – almost like a decontamination washing machine.



Wood Fires/Fire Services

It has been a hot topic recently with calls to ban wood burning stoves, our ESP can be repurposed to separate the harmful co2 chemicals from the smoke, essentially rendering clean air upon leaving our ESP.

The potential use cases for our ESPs are limitless, our brains are never switched off and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve air quality in various different areas.